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Feature Friday!

Hello Girl Bosses! This week for our #featurefriday we have asked Kay from Hayden and Ella Handcrafted. She is an amazing girlboss who makes handknit items for the modern mama and babe! We asked her to share with us a little bit about Hayden and Ella Handrcrafted! To check out her social sites click the links!

I started Hayden and Ella Handcrafted because I was looking for something that I was able to be creative with and call my own.

My biggest challenge I have is finding the time to get things done as my family always comes first! But the biggest reward is when customers share photos of my handmade knits.

I love being able to share my creativity with everyone and hope to eventually build it to brick and mortar. When I am not knitting I am usually exercising, watching movies, and devouring Korean or Japanese Food!

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