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Feature Friday

Hello Girl Bosses! This is Melanie from Melanie Rae Wood Design. We are featuring her in our #featurefriday this week because we think her baby goods are just too good not to share with the world!! We asked Melanie questions about her business and how she has come so far and she would love to share with all of you!

It all started with a plan to make my son a growth ruler and before I knew it Melanie Rae Wood Design was born. I've come along way from that first ruler let me tell you! I had been looking for a hobby, something I could do in the evenings while my baby was sleeping that didn't involve sitting on the cough watching Netflix night after night. My job is pretty mentally challenging and I wanted something that I could use my hands. It slowly moored into what I mostly do now and that is building my maple baby play gyms. I got the inspiration from Pinterest. I loved the idea of creating a baby toy that wasn't a bright coloured eye sore to a nicely decorated living room.

My biggest struggle as a boss babe is finding balance. Finding enough time to pump out the orders while making sure I give my family enough of my time and attention. The best part of what I do is receiving feedback from happy customers. Hearing "this is going to be the best gift ever!" makes it all worth it.

Thanks to Red Deer Girl Boss for the opportunity to be featured among some of Red Deer's very talented handcrafts :)

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